About Us

Cha chaan teng which literally means "tea restaurant" it combines with Western and Eastern food culture to create its own fusion version. It has an important cultural value to Hong Kong as it is a well-known international city. Starting back as early as the 1950s, cha chaan tengs have sprung up everywhere within Hong Kong and are known for their trademark characteristic of serving its unique fusion foods quickly and deliciously. This is the basic foundation of Ovo Cafe.

From our signature milk tea to delectably baked rice dishes to pastry tarts, Ovo Cafe is our brand name. We focus on making every detail fits the needs and wants of guests. Innovative food and drink products and thrilling concept designs are continuously applied to enhance the total dining experience of our guests.

Ovo Cafe is the franchisee of Egg Tart Cafe United Management, Inc. in California. We will continue to utilize and thrive on the company's philosophy to grow our brand with our restaurants and food trucks of making guests our highest priority. Our goal is to provide better products, an exciting atmosphere, and high service quality to customers from all walks of life.